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K²B Studios EA Sports Cricket 13′ Mega Patch for ea sports cricket 07

K²B Studios EA Sports Cricket 13′ Mega Patch for EA Cricket07

NOTE: Please do NOT get confused with other Cricket 2013! This is a patch made by K2B Studios, there are yet two more Cricket 2013 patches coming this year – GM StudioZ EA Sports Cricket 2013 Patch and A2 Studios International Cricket 2013 Patch! When they will release, we’ll publish it! Till now you can enjoy thispatch! This is the first Cricket 2013 patch for EA Cricket07!
UPDATED ROSTER(coming soon)

Sounds pretty awesome, isn’t it? We all have been waiting for a Cricket 13′ mega patch, and yes, this is the first International Cricket 2013 patch released this year!
This patch is completely created by K²B Studios and its members – so I don’t owe to own this patch. I recommend you to like their facebook page by clicking here. Please make sure by downloading this patch, you agree to our Disclaimer and before taking any action you are aware of the consequences.


  • EA Sports Cricket07 – clean installation with no other patches.
  • Ankit’s NextGen Gameplay Patch v6 [included in downloads section]
  • Cricket 2013.exe Modified [included in downloads section below]
  • AC Studios 256 HD BatPack [ click here]


  • Latest roster – teams & players!
  • Realistic stadiums!
  • Multiple overlays – different overlays at different stadiums + the pause menu too!
  • Multiple outfields, pitchads, stumps at different stadiums!
  • Realistic bats – the players have been assigned the bats they use!
  • Realistic gameplay – you can’t just hit sixes every ball now!
  • New modified menu!
  • New EA Intro video
  • Ultimate realistic faces!
  • The latest 2013 kits of every team!
  • IPL and BBL teams!
  • CLT20, WCT20 and other tournaments are there too!
  • Free hit for IPL and BBL teams!


Whew, after reading a whole list of features (if you really did :P ) the most important part of the patch comes here. Installation is quite difficult for a newbie, but for advanced users it might be quiet simple. Even I had failed once to install this patch, haha. Make sure you follow the instructions properly, or you would face errors and would complain below!
  • Firstly, obviously download the patch and all the files given below! Click “Skip Ad” and then download via MediaFire and Google Drive. The patch size is vast, so it might take some time to download the files.
  • After you’ve downloaded the files – use HJ Split to combine the patch! Open HJ split and join the cricket13.7z.001 and it will magically create another .zip file in that same folder! Open that .zip ( cricket13.rar  - approximately 498mb in size) and run the .exe installer!
  • Keep clicking next and agree the terms. Select your root folder (the place where you installed your game – by default C:\Program Files\EA Sports\EA Sports(TM) Cricket07) and install the game.
  • After that, please install AC Studios 256 HD Batpack, without that the game won’t work! It’s just same step as above, select your root folder and install it.
  • Now the difficult part comes along! Download the K2B Studios Cricket13 Files from below. It includes 3 files - the roster, NGP v6 and Cricket13.exe and they are definitely required for the Cricket 13′ patch! Extract everything first, and make sure you read the README.txt file.
  • Firstly, put the roster on My documents\EA Sports Cricket07 or User\Documents\EA Cricket07 with the folder cric13.ros.
  • After that, copy all the contents of NGP v6 into your EA Sports Cricket07 root folder.
  • And, copy all the contents of Cricket13.exe folder to the root and add a shortcut of cricket13 to the desktop! Run Cricket13 and select your EA Sports cricket07 root folder.
  • Load the roster cric13.ros if it asks for. Load the game and create a new profile. After that, quit the game once.
  • Now, check My Documents – there’s a new folder named EA Sports Cricket 2013. Now copy all the files of My Documents\ EA Sprots Cricket07 to My Documents\ EA Sports Cricket 2013! It’s your new directory for roster files!
  • Run the game again with Cricket13 and load the cric13.ros roster!
  • Start playing and enjoy the game!


[coming soon]


  • The main patch (200+200+87mb): Part 1 Part 2 | Part 3
  • K2B Studios Cricket 13′ Files (Roster + NGP v6 + Cricket13 exe): Click Here
  • AC Studios 256 HD BatPack: Click Here (no need to download if you already have it)
  • EA Sports Cricket07: Click Here (not need to download if you already have it)
  • HJ SPLIT: Click Here
  • Updated Roster (coming soon)
Please do report broken links, they will be fixed as soon as possible. If you’re facing any kind of errors with the game, please do not hesitate to comment below – we’ll ensure you a fix for it as soon as possible!
Please do post screenshots of the game on our Facebook page and comments below!

StadiumsAddy, Shaharyar, Pali, dadarocks100%
KitsZain, Kashif, Fahad100%
LogosZain, Anirudh100%
OverlayZain, Mattw100%
Fixtures & Tournament ModsHHBA70% (Has some bugs)
Graphics SetZain, Kashif, Addy100%
OutfieldsAddy, Zain, Shaharyar100%
FacesCharu, Hadid, lionhearts, Zain, Kashif, Hits100%
RFE EditingsVarun, Zain100%
Menu OverlayZain, Mattw100%
Intro Videoshubham466100%
Menu ScreenRaees, Kashif, Zain100%
License ScreenZain100%

Mattw for his big files and some overlay/menus.
Addy for his amazing stadiums, Outfields and Graphic Sets.
Pali for his stadiums.
Shaharyar for stadiums and outfields.
Shubham for the intro video.
Simon for helping alot in kit-making processes.
CHARU for letting us edit his IPL-BBL Roster.
Abdullah for his HD Batpack
Ankit for his NGP 6.0
And very very sorry if I missed some one.

How to Install 
1) Download the 3 parts.
2) Use HJ Split to Combine them. Here is a tutorial 
3) After combining, extract the files in a fresh copy of cricket 07.
4) Install AC's HD 256 Batpack
5) Run the Game with Ankit's Cricket 13 exe.
6) Enjoy 

Don't forget to leave your comments.


  1. Best Ever Patch///

    1. cana u send me these on my emaIL please i m unable to get them

  2. worked perfectly.
    ipl teams are not there

    1. ipl teams are there after bbl teams
      change teams in English county you will get it do you load roster file

  3. Wonderful Patch i ever see. Thank you so much...!!!!

  4. guys . where the roster files are located . please tell me. thanks .

  5. working perfectly
    clt20 tournament is not there...

  6. doesn't work it

  7. ADfly isn't working. HE is seeing slow connection

    1. on link you should enter v2. before th link

  8. i m continuing many times but it isn't working

  9. touranaments not working dont send eror ata hai

  10. plz tell how to instal this patch with screen shots

  11. The NGP + Cricket.exe + roster file is corrupt, does not open.

  12. Awsm game. But u shld try to add more stadiums in India. Lovely patch and no BUGGS. Working 100% without any disturbance..

    1. Pls help me i m unable to open the 3 parts of zip file
      They create a .bin file

  13. the application failed to intialize properly (0xcoooo135). click on ok to terminate the application.

    pls help me

  14. Download Latest EA Cricket 07 Patches and Tools from here

  15. The IPL teams can be chosen for playing individual matches, but a whole IPL tournament can't be played as such it seems. Moreover the IPL teams can only be selected from within English County. Some of the Indian Stadiums(Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Bangalore,Jaipure) can only be selected if the nation hosting the match is England. Rest of the stuffs do look good..

  16. Not updated ROSTER.....Rating of pragyan ojha is just poor. Should have different roster for test and one day

  17. after extracting ngpv6.0 the game does not start and in my documents it does not create cricket 13 folder

  18. join kiye hue parts extract nahi ho rahe he. please please help me.
    thanks in advance.

  19. teams are there but players are old

  20. t20 is not working and the game does not running at all it comes to desktop after selecting t20 format. please fix this problem.

  21. When i use hj split files yes it makes 1 rar file but only 200 mb in size and whe i open the rar file it shows some error like 'cannot copy to clip board' plz rply as soon as possible.......

  22. not downloading part 2 help

  23. Dont Download This Game Its a Lie

  24. when i press esc the game closes and the cricket 13 launcher says palleke error and stroke variation error help me

  25. when i click on play cricket 13 is says stroke variation.exe is denied and when it opens it has a microsoft.Net error

  26. cricket 13 launcher has error saying cricket07.exe is denied

  27. Hey Yaseen i have download this game from kickass torrent i am facing face errors on umpires and some players

  28. Hey Yaseen no HJ Splits yar hw i will combine them please fix it

  29. Hey Yaseen no HJ Splits yar how i will combine it PLEASE FIX IT ITS A REQUEST

  30. Hey Yaseen no HJ Splits how i will combine it PLEASE FIX IT

  31. Hey Yaseen no HJ Splits yar how i will combine them PLEASE FIX IT

  32. can't play tournaments & IPL... Yaseen, please help

  33. Part 1 of patch has some error and it has been failed after downloading 200 mb

  34. The IPL teams can be chosen for playing individual matches, but a whole IPL tournament can't be played as such it seems.There are still flaws in this patch!!...

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  35. thanks for the post!!...everything is working excellent in this game!

    Download Free PC games | PC Game Download

  36. everything is work in this game!...thanks for sharing!

    Download Free Games | Full version Games

  37. i m unable to get them all

  38. cricket13.exe us not working in windows8.1


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